Cover der AphorismA-Veröffentlichung „Atlas of Palestinian Rural Heritage“

Atlas of Palestinian Rural Heritage

Thomas Staubli (Ed)
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English - Arabic ||  Catalogue
Edited by Thomas Staubli - Translated by Khaled Amayreh
Photographs by Primula Bosshard and Jean-Marc Giossi

Bethlehem (Diyar) 2015 | 978-3-86575-775-3 | 412 S. | 575 photos in colour
Distribution in Europe: AphorismA

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This comprehensive documentation of the pre-industrial culture of rural Palestine in English and Arabic, based on a unique collection, is a must read for every one who wants to understand the traditional peasant life of the region prior to an-Nakbah.

Following Dalman's encyclopedic opus "Arbeit und Sitte in Palästina" and the writings of the Christian Palestinian physician Tawfiq Canaan, we now have a book from the Muslim collector and teacher Ishaq al-Hroub, son of peasants from southern Palestine. With his rural and autochthon background he differs distinctly from intellectual Western travelers but also from many Palestinian scholars.

Tilling - Harvesting - Moving the Harvest - Threshing - Sifting - Grinding - Making Dough - Baking Bread - Cooking - Making Grape Syrup - Sesame Oil - Olives and Olive Oil - Storage - Bard - Domestic Birds - Honeybee Farming - Milk - Shepherd - Washing - Water - Gathering Rainwater - Wood - Lighting - Smoking - Coffee - Babies - Having Fun - Carpenter - Smith - Farrier - Kerosene Heater Repairman - Shoemaker - Circumciser - Peddler - Lime - Stone cutter - Building a House - Barber - Pottery - Hunting - Straw Weaving - Weaving Animal Wool and Hair - Tanning - Camel - Horse - Prayer - Seven-Day Wedding in Southern Palestine - Kohl - Tales, Legends, and Myths - Vows - Psychological Treatment - Envy and Evil Spirits - Black Magic - Palestinian Embroidery - Palestinian Attire - Womens Attire

It was edited by Thomas Staubli, Conservator of the ethnographic collection of the Bible + Orient Museum at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and provides 575 photos, most of them from the photographers Primula Bosshard and Jean-Marc Giossi, both from Fribourg, Switzerland.

The production of the book has been supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Representative Office of Finland in Ramallah among others.