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Different Truth

Johannes Zang
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Stories told from Israel and Palestine
AphorismA Publishing House Berlin 2009
180 pages | Softcover |  ISBN 978-3-86575-008-2

About the book

This book describes the day-to-day Sisyphean attempt by the Palestinians to create something of a daily routine. It will also try to demonstrate how the Israeli occupation affects the soul of Israel.

The author tells stories that did not interest any newspapers and ask questions that should be burning issues for us as Germans—especially after the factory-style murder of millions of Jews.

The past forty years have inflicted deep wounds upon the Palestinians in almost every aspect of life. Palestinians have defended themselves against Israeli control and occupation at times through peacefulness and passiveness, but at other times with stones, weapons, improvised explosive devices and suicide missions. This has also brought new injuries to Israeli society and torn open old scars. This book describes wounds on both sides, those that can be readily seen and those that cannot. In doing so, it considers several aspects of the occupation to draw the reader’s attention to them.

Johannes Zang follows the course of the seasons in sharing his stories. But the reader should bear in mind with each account: a hint of spring can also be found in a summer story. And in some spring stories already can be heard the first notes of autumn. For, in this conflict, not everything is ‘autumn’, nor is it black nor white.

About the author

Johannes Zang (b. 1964) was born in Goldbach, Bavaria. He first lived in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories from 1985-1987. During this time, Mr. Zang volunteered in an Israeli Kibbutz and a Tel Aviv nursing home.

From 1999 to 2003 the Vienna-trained music therapist taught music theory as well as individual classes in piano, organ and guitar to Palestinian children, youth and adults in Bethlehem. He was the conductor of two choirs and organized concerts at the International Center of Bethlehem. During this time he was co-author of an open letter to then German Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer. This letter attracted a lot of attention and interest from the German community.

From 2005 to 2008 Johannes Zang lived with his wife Janina at St. George´s Cathedral in East Jerusalem. Sent by USPG, London he worked as a piano and organ teacher in the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem. He also worked as a freelance journalist for more than a dozen German and Austrian papers, magazines, and radio stations. In the summer of 2008 Johannes and Janina returned to Germany. They have since fostered two beautiful daughters, Nathalie and Laura.

Johannes Zang continues to work for German newspapers. He gives lectures at churches, libraries, schools and universities about the political situation and Christian life in Israel and Palestine. As a tour guide he accompanies German and Austrian pilgrims and tourists to holy places in Israel and Palestine, and facilitates encounters with local Palestinian Christians, thus staying connected to the Holy Land. Johannes Zang is currently working on a second book about Gaza."