Cover der AphorismA-Veröffentlichung „Hope of Unity: Living Ecumenism Today“

Hope of Unity: Living Ecumenism Today

Timothy Lowe (Ed)
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Celebrating 40 Years of the Ecumenical Institute Tantur

AphorismA Verlag Berlin 2013
152 p. | ISBN 978-3-86575-040-2

The Ecumenical Institute for Advanced Theological Research at Tantur owes its origin to a convergence of ideas, personalities and events which we conveniently summarize by reference to the Second Vatican Council. The central mission of the institute at its founding, which has undergone some healthy review and revision at various stages since that beginning, emerged from the extraordinary experience of that extended encounter in Rome. This volume reflects this history and the challenges of the future of the ecumenical adventure.

See here the website of Tantur

Table of Contents:
by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.
by Rev. Timothy Lowe
Vatican II and Tantur
by Rev. Patrick D. Gaffney, C.S.C.
Oscar Cullmann: In the Service of Biblical Theology and Ecumenism
by Dr. Andre Birmele
Where are we - Where are we going? The Ecumenical Movement Today | Western Churches
by Dame Mary Tanner
Where are we - Where are we going? The Ecumenical Movement Today | Eastern Churches
by Fr. Frans Bouwen, M.Afr.
Ecumenism in Jerusalem in Light of Local Context and Politics
by Rt. Rev. Bishop Munib A. Younan
The Challenge of New Forms of Christian Presence in the Holy Land
by Fr. David M. Neuhaus S.J.
Time line on the origins of Tantur