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The Common Homeland

Jerome M. Segal
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A Different Way of Thinking About the Two-State Solution

AphorismA Verlag Berlin 2010
13 p - ISBN 978-3-86575-535-3
Reihe: Kleine Texte 35

The fact that the Jewish and the Palestinian people both, because of history and identity, have one and the same territory as their common homeland, does not dictate any particular answer to how the two states should relate to one another. … If we think of the peace negotiations as historic then we must recognize that in the relations between the two states there will be ups and downs. And even if at the outset it is decided to operate along the lines of strict-separation, the common homeland orientation expresses an intention to achieve a future in which the two peoples could trulyshare their common homeland.

Dr. Jerome M. Segal is a Senior Research Scholar at the University of Marylandand and President and founder of The Jewish Peace Lobby. "